Where to find best online Quran teachers

There are a lot of people that are looking forward to learn Quran online. There are several schools and independent tutors over the internet that seem ready to teach you. However, they are unable to select the right one and are confused about where to register. A lot of online Quran teachers are there that are providing the services but some of them are simply unable to ‘teach’ while others fail in various aspects. Therefore, it becomes important for you to consider a few things while picking up the teacher or institute and here we have them for you.

Right recitation

First of all, right recitation matters a lot and a teacher must not have any flaws in this matter. And by right recitation, we do not mean that he should be able to spot the ‘zer,’ ‘zabr,’ and ‘paish’ but also know where to prolong and where to keep it short. When reciting Quran, there is a thing we call ‘tajweed’ that matters a lot. There might be similar letters in a word but the way we pronounce it or the way we are meant to say it differs according to the dialect. Therefore, not only he must be able to spot it but also help the student in having a flawless recitation of the Quran.

Good communication

When we are considering online Quran teachers, there are a lot of mentors that might be living half way across the world. They will have a different culture and language and you will have a different one in your country. Therefore, it becomes critical that the tutor should be fluent with the language that you speak and have the right communication skills. It is important because if there are issues in talking to each other the mentor won’t be able to address the student appropriately and ultimately the learning will suffer. Thus, make sure that the teacher knows the language you speak. Generally, it is English as it is labelled the global language.

Easy scheduling

The easy scheduling matters a lot and as listed above, it is of no surprise that the mentor may belong from somewhere across the world. Therefore, it might be night at his place while day at yours. So, you better sit down and talk about the timings before signing with the tutor. He should be able to adjust according to your time and make your kid learn Quran the way it should be learnt. If there is clash when it comes to timing, you may want to look forward to other tutors.

Within the budget

Like other schools and classes, the Quran teaching fee also varies. Different online Quran teachers charge different fee and there might be a great diversity in it. Some may charge very high while others may appear to be reasonable. Make sure that you take a look at your budget before signing up for an online class. It will be time taking and may last for a good duration of time before your kid finally finishes learning. So, make sure that you sign according to your budget.

Learning a Second Language Online

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and communication tools become available to more people, the world is quickly transforming into a global village.We are all connected in one way or another – through business, travel and the Internet. Thats why today it is more important than ever to learn a second language. Having the ability to communicate in a second language will allow you to conduct business more efficiently, have more fun while traveling, and make it easy to forge friendships the world over, even if its just through the Internet.

So whats the easiest and most effective way to learn a second language? If you are strapped for time and require flexibility when it comes to learning a new language, taking classes through an online educational institution is your best bet. Luckily, online learning has made major strides recently, so there are a multitude of schools, courses, teachers and resources from which to choose. And because technology has improved, online education is now just as valuable an experience as learning through traditional means.

For example, if you have a high speed Internet connection, you can easily listen to audio files and watch videos that will help you hear the language you are trying to learn without having to purchase audiotapes. If you work one- on-one with an online tutor or attend an online class, often the teacher will use a microphone to speak to his/her online pupils.

Other tools also make the learning process very simple. Programs such as online whiteboards allow the teacher to write out sentences or grammar rules in real time, as if you are sitting in a classroom taking notes as the teacher scribbles on the chalkboard. Of course, scheduled chat sessions also provide an excellent way for online tutors to conduct lessons, discuss items of interest with students, and even practice writing in the new language.

When you learn a second language online, everything you need to become adept at speaking, writing, and reading the new language is right at your fingertips. Lessons, schedules, and assignments are usually posted on the course website for you to peruse at your convenience, and you can even take tests online. Assignments are easily submitted either through a virtual drop box or via email. Many schools also have online forums where fellow students can discuss homework assignments, lessons and anything else associated with the language course. Being able to contact other students, as well as the teacher, through email and by posting on forums, makes it very easy to solve problems before they become overwhelming.

Overall, the benefits of learning a second language online are substantial. Many reputable educational establishments offer online language courses that are affordable without compromising the quality of the learning experience. Whether you are a busy professional, a stay-at-home mom, a working student, a mature learner or just looking to brush up on your language skills before departing for that long-awaited trip around the world, learning a second language online is an experience you should not pass up.