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5 Ways to Fund Your Child’s College Education

Thousands of teenagers across the UK will have school lessons in mindfulness in an experiment designed to see if it can protect against mental illness.

Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truckers are one of the most important and under-valued workers in America today. Without truckers to haul and deliver materials, products, and goods, much of this country would grind to a screeching halt. It is a rewarding yet challenging career that is in high demand. While it may be tempting to take advantage of trucking […]

Education in South Africa: How It Works, and How It’s Struggling

It’s January, and that means the start of a new school year in South Africa. In less than a week, students (or learners, as they’re called in South Africa) and teachers will fill classrooms, hoping to embark on a new year of learning, enlightenment, and growth. It’s a good time for students to ride the […]

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Using The QFT To Drive Inquiry In Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a method teachers employ that requires students to integrate and synthesize skills from different subjects to solve complex, real-world problems. It focuses on active learning through the completion of hands-on projects rather than passive absorption of information. PBL is not a new technique and it can certainly be argued that this […]

The Surprising Reason College Tuition Is Crazy Expensive

The upcoming budget for the Chicago Public Schools will rely on $500 million in yet-to-be-enacted pension savings by Illinois, school officials said on Monday.

November 04, 2014 - Boston, MA - Marketing photography for Panorama Education. 
Photo by Kristyn Ulanday
Chicago Schools with Mostly Low-Income Students See Inequitable Funding Standards

Hundreds of schoolchildren in the southern Philippines have fallen sick after eating durian-flavoured sweets, the provincial governor said Saturday.

UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg meets with 15 of Britain's top 15 year-old youth activists for the launch of the global campaign action/2015.

The teenagers also met with UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Milliband to discuss the campaign.

 "Whatever the colour of the next Government, I want the UK to seize 2015 as a crucial opportunity to take big global decisions" said Mr Clegg. 

"I have worked hard to deliver our commitments on human rights, showing global leadership on tackling poverty, and protecting our environment. I've met some of the inspiring young people who are leading the charge for action/2015, and they are the best possible ambassadors of a movement for change."

According to new research, almost a billion extra people face a life of extreme poverty if leaders duck key decisions on poverty, inequality and climate change due to be taken at two crucial summits in New York and Paris later this year, with billions more continuing to face a life of hardship.

That's the warning by more than a thousand organisations around the world which are launching a new campaign called action/2015 calling on local and world leaders to take urgent action to halt man-made climate change, eradicate poverty and address inequality.
Leave Decisions About Schools To Educators, Not Politicians

Some of can’t rely on stable worlds economic, so learn, learn and learn everything new, this will help you anytime, dont be upset, believe yourself even in dark times!

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Your Teens Struggle Day to Day With Their Education

Throughout the United States, police officers are beginning to wear body cameras. Should principals in America’s public-school systems follow their example?


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